Re-Engineering 2021: Embracing Open Source


  • Jonathan Fenwick and Laura Wassink
  • Published: 07 December 2020

Open source goes both ways.

You don’t need us extolling the benefits of open source, the business case has been firmly made.

Big Tech are building, maintaining and driving the biggest and most widely adopted open-source projects and it’s enabling them to move at light speed. They take, but they also give. They are huge contributors to other projects that they consider valuable.

The uptake has been slower in financial services but the opportunity is significant.

Your team want open source and so should you. Vast repositories exist in the world with ready to roll-out code that would save you millions each year.

However, it’s hard to get it through your compliance processes … so your developers build themselves, leading to increased opportunity for more technical debt and reduced ability to use functionality built by others.

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