FIAT 500 Cabrio/ Company Car/ Car Allowance

Drive a Fiat 500 Cabrio 1.2 8V Lounge for business as well as for private use. Usage is free of charge, it must only be taxed as a financial benefit. In addition to inspection, tire change, tire storage, insurance and damage management, the full-service lease package also includes a fuel card with an exemption limit of 10,000 kilometers per year.

When you have reached Principal Consultant level, you are eligible to use a company car of your choice within the full service leasing package. If you do not want to use a Company Car we will disburse a monthly Car Allowance to the amount of the respective budget to you.

PME Familiy Service

Due to our cooperation with the pme Familienservice GmbH, we are able to provide support in all matters relating to child and family care, and also assistance with difficult life situations. For example, we offer support and consultancy services concerning the following issues: workplace conflicts, personal crises, assistance in searching a suitable child care facility, multi-week online coaching programs on the topics stress, running and Fit in Job and much more.

Corporate Benefit

As a Capco employee, you have access to the Corporate Benefits Platform (mitarbeiterangebote.de), where numerous offers are waiting for you at special rates. The products and services range from electrical devices through hotel and travel booking to clothing and shoes. Registration and use are free of charge.


The health of employees is near and dear to Capco. We offer medical checkups at regular intervals. Depending on your age, this checkup may for example include an ECG (resting and stress ECG), ultrasound of the internal organs, a pulmonary function test, nutrition counseling, an eye test and much more.

Cooperation with prime time fitness

Take out Prime Time fitness at special rates subsidized by Capco. Family members may also benefit from these special rates. You can train in all Prime Time fitness studios in Germany.

Company pension scheme

Capco offers a broad portfolio of tailormade company pension schemes. Capco subsidizes 20% of the salary used as a contribution to the company pension scheme, up to the maximum limit permitted by law.

Disability insurance

Have insurance that covers the risks of occupational disability. You will only have to undergo a simplified medical examination and can receive a monthly disability pension. Capco grants a subsidy of 20% up to the maximum limit allowed under tax law.

Term life insurance

All of Capco`s employees enjoy comprehensive life insurance cover. This insurance is taken out for you six months after you joined the company. Capco pays the full insurance contributions.

Accident insurance

Our group accident insurance provides extensive cover against an extended number of accidents (also including diving accidents, gases & vapors, increased physical efforts, gross negligence, tick bites and poisoning) - all over the world! In addition, we offer high add-on benefits such as rehabilitation, accident service, conversion costs etc. Insurance cover is provided round the clock, irrespective of whether the accident happens in your private or professional life.