ERM governance, programs, training and co-sourcing.

In an intensely competitive environment faced with ever increasing regulatory pressures, leading financial institutions have found that an effective risk management program can unlock superior earnings, higher customer satisfaction and reduced regulatory scrutiny. Developing a sound enterprise risk management (ERM) framework can significantly help to:

  • Minimize operational losses
  • Break down operational silos
  • Ensure alignment with risk appetite and tolerance
  • Support a culture of risk awareness and ownership
  • Create accurate, timely reporting on risk issues
  • Increase shareholder value and competitive advantage

Our services include:

  • Creating or strengthening ERM and ORM (Operational Risk Management) programs based on regulatory expectations and industry best practices
  • Assisting in building or improving risk assessments, monitoring and reporting
  • ERM governance, including board training, risk appetite statements and designing effective risk management committees
  • ERM program reviews and maturity diagnostics
  • ERM program outsourcing
  • Model risk management, including independent model validation
  • Credit risk management
  • GRC technology with our Early Risk Managerâ„¢ solution
  • Strategic planning