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Bespoke Solutions to Help You Address the Challenges of Digitization

Digital innovation remains a key priority for financial services. At Capco Digital, we focus on creating bespoke, innovative solutions for financial institutes in Switzerland.


Disrupt, Innovate, Transform—Overview of the Innovation Journey

The innovation journey remains a challenge, also for financial institutes in Switzerland. Clients are more demanding, and existing legacy infrastructure can constrain your company’s plans to innovate. At Capco, we propose three clear options to help you address some of the challenges around digitization.


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Specialists in Helping Banks Implement Cloud Computing

Cloud computing improves the scalability and utilization of IT resources, drives efficiency and reduces costs. It also facilitates the flexible provisioning of IT resources, and the aggregation of complex software services, enabling new functionality to be implemented faster. 

Most of cloud assessment frameworks focus only on the IT aspects of implementation. Business relevant aspects are often neglected. 

At Capco, we approach it differently. We concentrate on the business impact of your future cloud initiatives and potential service models, including:

  • What advantages does a service migration to the cloud create for your business?
  • What challenges could you encounter?
  • How will you operate your business in the future?

Our Business-Focus Cloud Assessment Framework:

Migrating technical infrastructure into the cloud is a key focus area for many financial services firms. Understanding the impact and opportunities of the cloud isn’t only relevant for IT stakeholders. Our assessment framework focusses on the business questions related to cloud migrations. Learn more about our assessment framework via the link below.





Are Your Ready to Migrate to the Cloud? Take Our Cloud Assessment Survey:

Get a first impression on your readiness status for moving to the cloud. Our Cloud Assessment Survey will gauge your company’s readiness for this structural change.

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We talked to cantonal and regional banks in Switzerland to understand their priorities for the future. 

We found that digitization is at the top of the list – and with good reason. In this survey, we uncover the digital trends that they rated in terms of importance, their business concerns and the projects in train. 

cantonal bank survey

Capco: An Innovation Implementation Partner

Our team at Capco has deep financial services expertise, and we are passionate about transforming your business. Let us partner with you to move your business forward together.


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