Innovations and changing consumer dynamics are disrupting the traditional business model and challenging utilities to expand their core strengths, while still providing safe and reliable service to customers.

Customer Satisfaction Despite Changing Expectations

Customers are demanding more choice, faster interactions, and access to new technologies when receiving and managing their utility services. Customers want proactive communication and utilities must support a variety of mediums from call centers to mobile applications and chatbots.

Supporting a Mobile, Distributed Workforce

Utilities are struggling to digitize work management and field inspection processes across wide territories. Providing access and interaction with enterprise systems is particularly challenging when a workforce is comprised of employees and temporary contractors distributed across remote locations.

Sustaining and Replacing AGEING Infrastructure

Expanding customer bases and more demand are challenging utilities who must support these needs with aging physical and virtual infrastructures. Companies need flexible approaches and solutions that can support new architectural paradigms while simultaneously supporting a gradual transition from legacy assets and applications.

Deriving Insights from a Deluge of Data

Sensor and IoT data hold the promise of better predictability and asset management for companies that can unlock its potential. Advanced metering, SCADA and external sources provide great promise, but unifying data to unlock value can be overwhelming. Companies are searching for ways to become more efficient and draw rapid insights from vast amounts of data.

Cybersecurity and Resiliency

Underlying desires for speed and flexibility are growing security and regulatory concerns that seek to ensure uninterrupted, safe service across the utility value stream. New threats emerge every day, and utilities must maintain and bolster defensive layers to ensure that they remain fortified. As interactions with cloud services increase, companies must safeguard internal data and assets to prevent inadvertent or malicious breaches or exfiltration.

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