Build a digital bank from scratch

The banking landscape is changing fast and there’s a lot to take in. From PSD2 and open banking, to changing customer expectations and new ‘quick to market’ challengers, global banks are beginning to recognize that a radical change is needed from their part.

But rather than marginal improvements to their existing offerings and legacy systems, via entrenched waterfall methodology and high touch governance, they are choosing to spin up both wholly owned and wholly autonomous new ventures: brand new banks. We are supporting them every step of the way, from strategy, proposition design to delivery and handover.

Capco helps clients not just within advisory capacity. Having built new banks in Europe and the Americas, we have the know-how and experience to deliver. How do we do this? We help create digital banks using new ways of thinking about customers, aligning modern architectural foundations with their needs, and the latest technology to build quickly and flexibly. We build banks and services that utilise the channels customers will be in, to provide them services at the point of need.

It’s easy to fall into the ‘faster, quicker, cheaper’ view of benefits when talking about digital design and transformation, however in this case it’s true.

Some recent examples of our digital achievements include:

  • Delivering a greenfield commercial banking platform with card payments in less than 6 months
  • New SME banking proposition in only 3 months
  • A fully functioning digital-only bank with a full suite of core retail banking products and services.