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Capco is a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry. We deliver innovative solutions in banking, capital markets, insurance, wealth and investment management and finance, risk and compliance. As the pressures of regulation, cost reduction, and customer expectation grow, we design, build and operate technology for specific operations and entire organizations.
We collaborate closely with our clients, equipping them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. Through our hands-on consulting resources, we go beyond strategy. We provide the necessary technology architecture and implementation that well positions our clients to transform and to achieve operational excellence, manage IT complexity, better understand, predict and control risk and develop practical and productive responses to regulation.
Our industry-wide participation is ongoing, through the respected Capco Institute and Journal. With its academic and practitioner insights, the Institute continues to address challenging issues and to evolve innovation and capability, in an environment of ever-increasing competition and change. From the vision that our deep industry involvement provides, through to successful delivery, we remain proud that, with our clients, we are forming the future of finance.

Even though the financial services industry has been slow to embrace cloud, adoption is accelerating What’s driving the rate of acceptance?

With so much emphasis on compliance, where’s the silver lining? As the following infographic shows, there’s plenty of space for innovation.

Contactless payments take-off in Slovakia. A look at why contactless payments have the potential to reach a wide audience.

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Capco Institute

Innovate or adapt? Strategies for the next wave of digital banking. Innovation remains a buzzword in banking. But how realistic are genuinely innovative strategies? In more cautious times since the financial crisis, isn’t it wiser to adapt in an incremental way to new regulation, competition, and customer requirements? We believe both innovation and adaptation are required.

Published by Prof. Damiano Brigo, Editor and Dr. Peter Leukert, Head of the Capco Institute     April 14, 2014

Capco Blog

In its April 2014 review of RDR implementation, the FCA highlighted its aims to make the market more competitive in favour of consumers. What steps should execution-only brokers take to address those aims, before regulation is imposed, to get ahead of competition and gain customer loyalty and trust?

The review - ‘Supervising retail investment firms: being clear about adviser charges and services’, TR 14/6 – focused on helping customers make informed choices and ensure that advice is provided based on the best product for the client rather than a product that is lucrative for the adviser.

Published by Arunima Haque     August 20, 2014


Capco, a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry today announced the promotions of Paul Trotter and James Arnett to Partner.

London, July 27, 2014

What trends have dominated the banking industry since April? You do not have to look too far to see that opinion is sharply divided. On the one hand we have witnessed the return to healthy profits with many pundits arguing that banking has turned the corner and that we are seeing the first signs of sustained recovery since 2008. On the other, there are those pointing out that in spite of resurgent balance sheets, we are still in the middle of a fundamental transformation of the sector, where complex regulation is expanding with little or no end in sight; productivity remains below benchmarks set by leaders in other industries; and where investors remain skeptical – although some optimism is returning. All these themes are the subject this Journal issue given the lively debate about the future of the industry, we aim to uncover the real issues and the prominent solutions available to financial markets participants.

Published by Editor - Damiano Brigo, Head of the Mathematical Finance Research Group, Imperial College, London     October 07, 2013

Mandatory clearing of OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives in Europe will soon become reality under EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation).

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued two Clearing Obligation consultation papers - IRS (interest rate swaps) and CDS (credit derivatives swaps) – which outline product classes subject to clearing obligation. Are you ready to clear?

Published by Tom Riesack     August 13, 2014

Capco, a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry is continuing its rapid expansion, building on the impressive growth rate achieved in the UK last year. With consulting expertise in high market demand, the company is on track to maintain its growth targets for 2014. Already the firm has grown the team by 16% in the UK this year and maintains its search for new talent. The firm also continues to develop employee’s expertise and promoted 21% of its workforce last year.

London, June 15, 2014