PlatformZerosm by Capco

PlatformZeroSM is a cloud-based, low-code digital and automation solution for financial services that improves user experience and operational efficiency. PlatformZero provides a wide range of digital, automation features and solutions for banking, wealth management, insurance and employee experience.


Business Content for Financial Services

  • 50-plus financial services applications can be configured, assembled to create a unified customer, advisor experience and digitize any transaction end-to-end
  • Offerings for banking, wealth management, insurance and employee experience

End-to-End Digitization

  • Pre-selected, pre-integrated digital and automation capabilities
  • API-enabled and integrates with your channel and BoR systems
  • Standard process analytics, continuous improvement and productivity tools

Proven Return on Investment

  • Focus on business outcomes
  • Improved customer, advisor and employee satisfaction
  • Improvement of more than 50% operational efficiency
  • Rapid time to market (4-6 months)
  • Secure SOC 2 compliant cloud-based offering to reduce upfront costs

PlatformZero provides end-to-end process digitization solutions across the financial services industry to help clients be more efficient and effective.

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