• Dan Jones
  • Published: 20 May 2019
When I joined Capco six years ago, we were only a firm of 150 people, a similar size to Capco Hong Kong, which is where I am based now.

Coming from a very large global consultancy firm, I had been drawn to Capco’s small size, as I thought it would be a place where I could influence and shape the company I worked for, experience high growth and be on a steep learning curve every day. It didn’t disappoint.

When I joined, our brand was mostly known for regulatory work at two key clients, but with the help of Ian Brown and several other partners I worked with, we set out a strategy, decided what we wanted to be known for and went out to achieve it. What happened then was one of the most challenging and enjoyable periods of my career.

We got everyone involved in building and shaping the company, we launched innovative propositions to our clients and created a culture that our people were proud of. I went on a learning curve that was incredibly steep and developed a lot in a very short time period.

The average growth rate for a consultancy is around 2-4 percent per year. Globally, Capco has consistently exceeded the average growth rate for a consultancy. My point is that this is rare, and it is one of the best opportunities we have in our careers to learn and develop quicker. I honestly can’t imagine doing some of the things I’ve been able to do with 11 years’ work experience to my name at any other company.

This is also the reason I wanted to join Capco HK. We are at a similar stage, and I want to do it again, to learn and develop further but also provide the opportunities for my team to do the same. I take a lot of satisfaction from seeing teams succeed, develop and grow.

My advice is ‘embrace the curve’ - get involved but get uncomfortable and learn something new. Secondly, support those around you who are on that learning curve, catch them if they fall and support them in their development.