T+2 settlements: Now less than a year away

The Capco Institute video series brings together leading academics and senior financial executives to discuss pertinent issues impacting the world of financial services.


Leading experts in global banking operations discuss the industry’s readiness for the transition from T+3 to T+2 settlement cycle.


Panel members:

  • John Abel, Head of T+2 committee, DTCC, and Member, T+2 Settlement Steering Committee
  • Joe Anastasio, Partner, Capco
  • Graeme McEvoy, COO - IDS, Morgan Stanley, and Member, T+2 Settlement Steering Committee

Part 1: T+2: Ready or not?

Is the industry really ready for T+2 and what steps are being taken to prepare for it given that it’s just under a year away?

Part 2: T+2 or T+1?

Is T+2 enough or should we be aiming for T+1?

Part 3: T+1: Possible? Necessary?

If T+1 is the final goal, are we able to implement it and what makes it a viable proposition today when it wasn’t in the past?

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