Data Management, Analytics and Visualization

Data science and analytics are changing banking as we know it. Data can help banks meet the growing need to engage customers more effectively, bring products to market quicker and transform operations. Data can also play a pivotal role in tackling the evolving challenges of cybersecurity, fraud and financial crime. In addition, banks must address the profound impacts of new data demands set by industry regulators. Data science and analytics, combined with new approaches to data management, offer solutions to directly support banks in achieving all these objectives.

Capco helps CDOs, CIOs and their counterparts develop holistic data strategies that improve approaches to compliance and enable more effective, data-driven decision-making.

Capco’s global expertise – combined with a range of data tools, techniques and frameworks – accelerate our clients’ data journey. Capco helps banks define and architect their data landscape, develop relevant value-adding data governance, and understand and improve data quality and enabling data analytics. We empower banks to put advanced customer, marketing, operational and financial analytics to work. This improves their ability to anticipate and quickly respond to evolving customer demands, tackle cybersecurity, fraud and financial crime and address regulatory requirements.

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