You know all about the challenges facing financial institutions today. Industry overcapacity. Tighter regulatory requirements. Low return on equity (ROE). And of course, rising cost pressures.

 The current economic environment calls for a "do more with less" approach. While focusing on cost optimization, you must still find ways to handle business-and-technology change projects — i.e. those that improve operational efficiencies and drive business growth.

These initiatives are incredibly complex and require the attention of skilled Change Management specialists who command premium compensation. But keeping these professionals in-house can be cost-prohibitive, especially given the sporadic nature of major Change projects.

changeSourcing from Capco offers a better model. Now, you can access strategic business-and-technology Change resources via an outside service provider.


Change management specialists, available on demand

At Capco, our Change Management consultants have specialized domain expertise and are available on demand. changeSourcing from Capco lets you periodically tap into our high-caliber talent to manage and execute projects that spur development of new capabilities, products and services.


changeSourcing from Capco helps your bank to:

  • Maintain access to key talent: Offer an appealing, upwardly mobile career path to your Change Management specialists. At Capco, they will have the opportunity to work on stimulating projects for both your bank and our other clients.
  • Transform the cost base: Our variable cost model allows you to raise or lower your Change Management resources in response to need, budget fluctuations and other factors.
  • Foster innovation in change processes: Our Change Management specialists can manage and improve best practices, ultimately leading to better service quality.
  • Improve execution quality: Put people with the right skills (e.g. business analysis, project management) in the right roles from Day One of change initiatives. Taking this proactive approach enhances execution quality while reducing time-to-market for products and services.

Successful business-and-technology Change projects can help you overcome the challenges of today and adapt to a dynamic future. Position your financial institution for success with changeSourcing from Capco.

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