Front Office Assessment

Wealth & Investment Management

Why must you get on the front foot with front office strategy? Because regulatory pressures - and the never-ending pursuit of cost effectiveness - demand improved efficiency.

Use a full Front Office assessment as a window into organisational performance

In today’s operating context, the Front Office is recognised as a key potential booster of organisation-wide performance. The pressure on financial institutions to deliver consistent and integrated information to the regulator is relentless. Senior management and shareholders are pursuing ever-higher levels of service innovation to clients. And as digital evolves, expectations of reporting and analysis are growing too. Front Office functionality should - more than ever - be front of mind.

Don’t leave Front Office technology capability to chance: understand, benchmark, improve

Capco’s Front Office Assessment Framework is a practical tool that builds insight into the key components of your Front Office. The output is a thorough and highly focused understanding of all key front-related processes and tasks. Bank-wide benchmarking combined with new awareness of specific areas for improvement. The knowledge gained helps executives stay right on top of market activities and trends.