Client Onboarding Capabilities for Wealth

A successful, efficient onboarding experience is paramount to building a strong foundation for the client relationship. The onboarding process is the first experience that a client will have with your firm, is integral to driving time to revenue for your firm, and with the unprecedented change in industry regulation, firms are rapidly outgrowing legacy client onboarding capabilities. As individuals become more dependent on the conveniences of the digital world, and banks strive to remain ahead of the curve, client onboarding becomes a natural candidate for improvement.

New technologies continue to emerge to help firms deal with the increasing complexity of client onboarding. With advancements in dynamic forms, smart workflow tools, centralized KYC, and machine learning, firms are finding new ways to streamline transactional processes, integrate methods for complying with regulatory requirements, and leverage tools to seamlessly share data and communicate, eliminating operational handoffs and paperwork.