Friday Reflections: Have faith in yourself

It sounds so simple, but a huge part of being successful starts with having faith in yourself. 

Now, I’m not talking about strutting around the office shouting “Say my NAME!!” with a hired entourage and a ‘rider’ list; I’m talking about having belief in yourself and the company you work for. 

I’m talking about learning to ignore the little voice that tells you it is too scary, and replacing it with acceptance that it will be uphill initially - but it will get easier with time and effort. 

I found when I was getting to grips with something new and daunting, my go-to stance was to question myself and my own abilities. Accepting that you will feel behind the curve and need to ask basic questions as you learn is more than half of the battle...Believe me! Nobody goes into a new role or new subject matter knowing everything. 

At times, you will feel out of your depth and even question whether you are cut out for a life in projects, but remember that you are working for an amazing firm with a strong support network and training resources

You are not alone. You might be new and need to add skillsets to your profile to get through a piece of work, but if you face it and persevere, you will emerge a more confident, experienced, and learned person.

No one is a perfect consultant from day one. Sure, some people take to it more easily, but there will always an unknown situation around the corner. The important thing is how you deal with it. Collaboration with colleagues and being open to their ideas is key, but having faith in yourself and your own judgement is essential.

People regularly tell me they were attracted to Capco’s development and promotion framework. They want to work on a variety of accounts and to ‘get uncomfortable’. Don’t just say it, do it!

One of the huge benefits of working for Capco is that you have a ton of Capco resources at your fingertips. Agree a training plan with your coach or line manager, get it booked, and learn something new.

Embrace that nervous feeling in your guts. The only reason you are feeling it is because you care about your output. With time and effort, you will look back on where you were and realise that you did it! Whether you discovered a new passion or learnt that you never want to work in that area again, positive, or negative, rest assured your skillsets will be broader, your network will be wider, and you will be stronger. 

Keep learning, work hard, and have faith! <drops mic and crowd surfs away> 

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