Everything you ever wanted to know about changeSourcing but may have been too shy to ask!

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changeSourcing Part 6

In this concluding blog in our series on changeSourcing (CS), we ask – and answer – four of the most frequently asked questions.

Question: We have built up considerable “expertise equity” in our change delivery capability. Does changeSourcing mean we lose our equity?

No, absolutely not. A well thought out CS program will not only keep one’s current expertise and capability intact, it will also quickly grow it through direct access to best practice and current industry experience.

Question: Could CS potentially leave me without an adequate captive change function within my organization?

Again, absolutely not. Any CS provider of integrity should stress at the outset of negotiations that the institution needs to retain a healthy proportion of its own internal change capability. The whole approach is about balance rather than a total shift from one approach to another.

Question: Could CS leave us exposed to loss of some of our most senior change agents?

An effective CS program should be about gain not loss. During negotiations and analysis of the specific requirement, a clear picture should be built up of the roles required to deliver against a particular set of change program objectives. The whole point of building a fungible resource is that it turns on roles and skills not individuals. In this context, an experience CS provider will focus on the most transferable and replicable skills sets first. And the institution will be encouraged to retain its most experienced and central captive resource. CS should be about continuity within the client organization as well as cost efficiencies. Some resources are always going to be unique, and therefore, very difficult to replace.

Question: Is CS exclusively a delivery resource? Will we go on having to provide strategic and management direction?

CS is a highly effective delivery resource. But it only achieves its full potential in a tightly defined context: delivery against clear strategic and operational goals and within tightly defined projects. A good CS provider will do a lot more than “move bodies”. They will offer cross-organizational change definition, management and co-ordination skills across the relevant operating units inside the client institution. They should have proven experience in the whole change management field. And that experience at the very least should match, and preferably exceed, their client’s.


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