We hire the best and make them even better

The skills and experience of our people are at the heart of the value we offer to clients. That is why we are committed to helping Capco employees continually broaden their skills base and deepen their industry knowledge at every stage of their career.

We have a culture of learning at Capco that places a high value on consulting, management, interpersonal skills and industry expertise.

As you chart the course of your career at Capco, continuous learning and personal growth are essential to your success. Our regional and global learning and development programs are designed to help you build on your strengths, establish expertise and support your career progression. 

We offer a wide range of training opportunities focusing on developing consulting skills, managerial and interpersonal skills as well as technical and industry-related expertise. To ensure we cater to your learning needs and styles, we offer a wide range of training channels covering classroom based trainings, eLearning courses, webinars, podcasts, recordings, experiential and active learning. We ensure that you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and through the most appropriate medium for you.


As a global firm, we are also dedicated to cross-cultural communication and knowledge transfer. We provide numerous educational opportunities for international exposure to foster cross-cultural collaboration and to strengthen your global relationships within Capco.


Capco Milestone Schools

Our Capco Milestone Schools are the heart of our global learning and development experience. We created a milestone school for each employee grade. The schools are delivered offsite across the globe. They are a great opportunity to network, learn, practice, self-reflect and action plan. The Schools provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools required to succeed in your professional roles. Above the grade targeted Schools offer Leadership Development Programs for high performing individuals across the Capco Leadership team.



Capco is unique, in that a large portion of our training offerings are designed and delivered by Capco SMEs who are able to share best practice, star stories and real life examples. We also work in partnership with external providers and universities to create the best learning experience for you.

Celebrating our culture

Our Culture

Celebrating our culture

We believe in removing barriers and opening up new freedoms of self expression.