Capco revs up a “Big 4” bank’s payments engine

Capco’s Payments practice delivers solution design, and systems test for a retail banking payments engine customized to deliver SEPA payments functionality.

Partway through an ambitious program to upgrade it’s payments infrastructure, a traditional “Big 4” Irish Bank engaged Capco to customize its payments engine to deliver SEPA functionality.

The client’s situation:

  • Numerous failed attempts at delivery
  • No structured project lifecycle in place
  • Unproductive working relationship with key vendor

To tackle these challenges, our approach was three-fold. First, we established a framework for a rich project lifecycle. Second, we implemented program governance, and lastly, we owned the delivery of the payments engine components into wider SEPA program.

At Capco, we believe in having a close working relationship with the client and their vendors.

We know in any project, a strong, unified team is vital to success. For us, creating trust and improving the relationship between client and vendor was imperative, so we put the following in motion:

  • An effective working relationship with the vendor through knowledge sharing, data and acceptance test sharing
  • On-site witness testing of vendor deliveries
  • Onshore/offshore program management structure between client and vendor

Following our involvement, there was a rapid transformation of client-vendor engagement. All streams across the program were more productive and met all deliverables on time and within budget.

With the implementation of our framework and program governance, our client gained a high performing team engaged and knowledgeable of the business operational process, requirements, and solution for optimal SEPA payments functionality.

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