Managing Principal

What I do at Capco?

I am a project manager in New York specializing in digital and mobile strategy and implementation focusing on customer experience. I have previously lead a number of large scale digital transformation projects and I’m currently working at a wealth management client on a major integration project. I am passionate about innovation and seeking new ways to make peoples life a little bit better.


What drives me in my work?

People. I love working with smart and interesting people who challenge me and push me to be the best I can be. Working with passionate clients and helping them discover new ways of thinking about their business and opportunities. I am a big believer of having a goal and ambition, working hard to achieve it and continually pushing yourself. Capco has provided me with a platform and coaching to help refine my goals and helped me achieve them.


What drives me in my life?

I am driven by my parents and peers. Both my parents have started very successful companies from scratch and have an incredible work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. I have a number of close friends who have quit their jobs to follow their dreams and have become very successful and happy doing so. This is something that inspires me to achieve and push myself. I am also driven by competition. I have always played sports at a high standard and strive to be the best in everything I do.


Key achievements with Capco?

Leading the delivery on an £8 million digital transformation project for a Tier 1 UK bank. We completely re designed the online banking experience for commercial/small business customers on desktop and mobile. The project won a number of internal and industry awards for putting the customer at the centre of the change which increased NPS by 26% in 3 months.


I also delivered a project which was the first of it’s kind in UK banking. Partnering with a start up from Silicon Valley we used new e mail protocols to protect customers from spam and fraudulent e mails. The initiative will save the bank over $15M over 3 years and reduce fraud through e mail by 90%. All major UK bank are now following suit.


I am also very proud of the internal work I have done alongside the digital leadership team in the UK to help develop the Digital practice in the UK.


Fun fact about me:

I love New York brunches. I have to say the best one I have had so far is at Hotel Chantelle, Lobster eggs benedict with tater tots … brunch of champions.