Principal Consultant

Why did you choose Capco?

I chose Capco, because I believe Capco is at the forefront of a big revolution in the Financial Services industry.


What’s the best part of working at Capco?

The people are truly diverse and inspirational as literally everyone comes to the firm with a different background.


Tell us about a day in the life of a Capco consultant.

  • In the morning, I have breakfast with my family and check the news
  • On my way to the client site, I work on emails or have calls for Capco
  • At the client site, I follow my daily agenda
  • I usually try to squeeze in some sport at lunchtime
  • Once I’ve finished on client site, I usually try to save some time in the evenings for Capco meetings, additional work or get-togethers with friends, coachees, or contacts


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

In your role, try to make yourself redundant as quickly as possible – this approach ensures that you help clients and those around you to develop, so that they are able to overcome their obstacles by themselves in the future.


Share an interesting fact about you.

I am a passionate runner and motorcyclist. I regularly ride my bikes on the race tracks and even competed for a season in amateur championships when I was younger.  With my kid growing up, I hope that one day we can go on a family motorbike trip through Africa or to China.