I used to have a number of hobbies including sports and travelling until I became a father. Since then, I’ve had less time to indulge in my hobbies but I'm trying to learn some tricks to become a "magician" (at least I hope to be perceived as one by my child).

Why Capco?

I joined Capco for two reasons:

Capco Belgium combines the advantages of a large company; organizational structure, large projects etc. with the advantages of a small business - everyone knows each other, direct access to the Managing Director of Capco Belgium.

Secondly, the domains, activities and projects we have opportunities to be involved in are all challenging but interesting; this has helped me develop various skills and knowledge.


What drives me in my work?

It's not that I just like challenges; it's more that I love finding the solution to problems. The feeling you get when you solve the impossible is one of the most exhilarating feelings I know.


My background

Even though I studied Political Science, I ended up working as a consultant mainly in the banking sector. After working on a series of projects in Risk Management and PMO, I got the chance to discover the Payments world. This is a challenging area that is constantly evolving, just have a look at all of the Fintechs and rising Mobile Payments offerings available today.

Fast forward five years, with experience in payments and cash management I can finally leverage my knowledge to bring even more value to our clients. 


Fun fact about me

I have been part of an Opera; "les troyens" by Berlioz with over 20 representations at "la Monnaie"... a long long time ago (when I was a child).