Managing Principal


Artificial intelligence, innovative technology, photography, travelling, music, cricket, boxing

What I do at Capco?

I head up Capco’s innovation research capability, RADAR, in the U.K. The RADAR team explores leading-edge technologies and how to use them to solve problems in the financial services industry. More exciting however, is that we provide insights into what the future of financial services could look like.

I also lead the Capital Markets stream of our Digital practice, where I help our investment bank clients to design and deliver large, complex technology change programs with greater agility. This helps me keep in touch with the latest developments in financial services while my role as RADAR lead keeps me abreast of the latest technology trends.


What drives me in my work?

I thrive on solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I enjoy finding ways to use new technologies and different approaches to solving our clients’ problems.


Key achievements with capco?

I’ve designed and delivered a brand-new technology architecture for a major bank’s fixed income department, spearheaded our work on innovative technologies like blockchain and launched RADAR. However, my proudest moments at Capco are the ones where I’ve helped others achieve their goals. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching, managing and working alongside numerous talented individuals. Seeing them turn into leaders themselves – and being in a position where I’m also learning from them – is one of the greatest achievements I could ask for.


Why did you choose Capco?

I was looking for an environment where I'd tackle challenging problems, gain exposure to industry experts and move beyond my comfort zone. I also had a few friends who already worked at Capco and told me about their exciting plans for the future. It was too good a prospect to pass up.


What's the best part of working for Capco?

The people – Capco is full of intelligent, hardworking people who look out for one another. There's a collaborative feel to every project, and I always feel like someone's looking out for me as a person, not just a resource.


The best piece of advice you've ever received?

Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.


Interesting fact about you.

I once created a piece of art using the first million digits of pi.