Fishing, Sweet Potato Fries, Soccer, Orange, Data, Individuality.

What I do at Capco?

I am currently working on a GSE engagement as a data analyst capturing business data requirements and performing current to future state data mapping to support a large-scale system integration program.


What drives me in my work?

I am driven by the new opportunities that arise on a daily basis, approaching them with a positive attitude and understanding that they will ultimately make me grow, regardless of how significant or trivial they may seem. I am driven by the prospect of attaining and managing additional responsibilities as well as making a real difference in others’ lives. I am driven by the high expectations that my team members set for themselves, as seeing them succeed paves the way for me to achieve the same.  


What drives me in my life?

It is the combination of my family and friends that motivates me to follow my passions and find a means to achieving the goals I set for myself, whether they be professionally or personally. I am driven by the desire for continuous learning and not being afraid to take risks through trying new things. I furthermore seek to harness curiosity as a means of problem solving.


Key achievements with Capco?

On-boarding over 40 resources and managing the financials for my GSE engagement, receiving the SPOT award recognition. Additionally responsible for taking a leadership role within my engagement’s data analysis workstream.