Travelling…mostly to countries hotter than Scotland, food and dancing.

Why Capco?

The thing that attracted me to Capco the most was the people. As I went through the interview process, I was really impressed with the passion and enthusiasm that my interviewers showed for the business. The culture here is very inclusive, the firm is small enough that everyone is recognized as an individual, and big enough to work with some high profile clients and take on interesting pieces of work.


What drives me in my work?

I believe that performance can always be improved; be it the technology we work with, the processes that we follow or how we interact as people. I really enjoy developing others, watching them grow and exceed their own expectations - that's what I find most rewarding.


My background

My career started out as a Property Valuer, which led to me launching a new Estate Agency for an investor. After that I worked in Operations in the Telecommunications sector; quickly moving into leadership and the Continuous Improvement function. I then moved into Retail Banking and Insurance, working as a Business Analyst and Project Manager before becoming a Management Consultant.


Fun fact about me

I am half Polish, half Mauritian.