What makes Capco unique? Simple. It’s the people

In the world of finance you get asked lots of difficult questions. But there is one that I find easy to answer. When I hear, “What makes Capco unique,” my response is simple: it’s the people.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience in other leading organisations, but I have never met so many talented individuals, dedicated to the future of finance, as I have since I joined Capco.

Their passion for positive change goes right to heart of the challenges facing our clients today. But it reaches much further than that. It means understanding that banking can and must be a force for good in the world. We know that, our clients know that. Together we can help meet the expectations of customers who demand greater innovation, value and transparency than ever before.

We continue to nurture this unmatched passion for financial innovation. In the coming months and years, we will bring on board more super-talented people to bolster our teams worldwide from North America to Europe and Asia. We will also ensure that everyone who joins the business enjoys the very best training, incentives and rewards so that they can contribute fully to the success of our clients and Capco.


New horizons

What do the coming months and years hold? First of all I believe that Capco is perfectly positioned to support existing clients and new, traditional players as well as market entrants.

Many of the changes driven by the crisis will become fully embedded in financial institutions. Regulation as a given, along with the scrutiny and transparency that it entails: Consolidation of back office systems, a greater role for utility-style banking, a revolution in payments and the unstoppable rise of digital banking.

Capco, with its specialist knowledge and unparalleled expertise will continue to support our clients on this journey. But I also want us to help our partners and clients go beyond the post-crisis landscape and become genuinely innovative organisations.

This means helping to identify new revenue streams: from the unstoppable spread of smartphones and high speed networks, to the as yet untapped potential of Blockchain. Our client-base is also expanding. As well as established players, we see immense possibilities in the emergence of genuinely competitive market entrants.

Already challenger banks are nudging at the foundations of the status quo. In developing countries, an ecosystem of innovators, banks and mobile carriers is turning accepted business and technology wisdom on its head to fuel business and consumer growth.

For this – and many other reasons - I’m very excited and proud to lead this company; prouder still to be working with such a talented group of people..Sought out by our clients, respected by our competitors, Capco is better placed than ever to shape the future of finance. 

– Lance Levy

Global CEO 

Lance Levy


Lance Levy

Global Chief Executive Officer of Capco
Great leadership creates more leaders

Our Leadership

Great leadership creates more leaders

It's our people who make the Capco difference

Our People

It's our people who make the Capco difference

Capco people are distinguished professionals who deliver distinctive solutions designed to meet and overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. They combine thought leadership with extensive practical experience of the strategic and operational issues and challenges that are reshaping the financial services landscape.