Ideas Change Lives

Ideas Change Lives Ideas Change Lives Ideas Change Lives Ideas Change Lives Ideas Change Lives

How Ideas Change Lives was born

We are all human, and if we’re doing it right then we all have the innate desire to help one another. Capco is no exception to this ideal.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) group began to notice something last year...a growing interest from its members to do more. “What ifs” became more and more prevalent in the meetings. “What if we could help bereaved parents?” “What if we could give financial aid to those in hospice?” “What if we could make lives better?”

Everyone had ideas, and it was time for these ideas to turn into actions. That was how the Ideas Change Lives initiative began.

From here, it was simple; we asked Capco exactly how we could apply our consulting skill-set to supporting the charity sector. Employees were given a month to organize and submit their ideas. In the end, CSR received 11 initiatives from seven offices across all levels of the organization. The ideas for helping others poured in from all corners of the globe. All CSR had to do next was get organized: so they formed a governance committee to outline roles, responsibilities and action criteria.

Today, ideas and action are taking place one step at a time. Only a choice few of the 11 initiatives have come into fruition since their approval last December and with time, increased visibility and determination, CSR and Capco will proudly say that their initiative is changing lives...because Ideas Change Lives.

After all, this should be the very reason for our existence!

We have already sponsored the following projects globally and counting...


We built a knowledge management app for SANDS, a charity supporting bereaved parents; allowing them to extend the reach and support they give to parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

Right to Dream

We created a Target Operating Model to enable the expansion of Right to Dream’s football academies. Right to Dream (RtD) is a non-profit organization that provides young, talented Africans with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and the capacity to claim a better future through football.

Bankers without Borders

We built a data analysis tool that enabled Musoni to better analyze Risk and Audit reporting. Through Bankers without Borders, Musoni is the World’s first cash free microfinance institution based in Kenya. Musoni stands for Mobile Usoni, a Swahili word meaning “to face the future”.